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Boot Back Up in 2021 with ConnectWise Command

With 2021 resembling a light at the end of the tunnel (let’s hope it’s not the headlights of an on-coming semi), it's time to reevaluate your tools and processes.
ConnectWise Command has you covered and ready to tackle whatever 2021 has to offer.
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Get the Most Out of Your In-House Technicians

IntelliMon Alerting ensures tickets are actionable and eliminates up to 80% of the clutter created by other platforms.

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Scale Up or Down at a Moment’s Notice

Network Operations Center support adds 700+ technicians to your workforce, absorbs daily maintenance and instantly expands the scope of your services. Never overstaff or understaff again.

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Resolve More Tickets, Faster

With a tightly integrated NOC and RMM software, ticket resolution becomes more efficient. Even if this only saves a few seconds per resolution, with the number of tickets that typically come through a NOC, this time saved adds up.

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Strengthen Endpoint Management

With the number of new vulnerabilities rising each year, smart patching procedures have never been more important. We automatically test and deploy viable patches and restrict harmful ones.

Check out the demo and see ConnectWise Command in action.

“The NOC is a brilliant service. It just works quietly 24/7, without aggravation, the way it should be. If there’s an infrastructure problem on Saturday evening, you don’t wait for it to have an impact on Monday morning — it gets fixed Saturday evening.”

Paul Hillis, Sales Director, First Solution

Put 2020 in the Rearview Mirror