Protect Client Cloud Apps With ConnectWise Fortify for SaaS Security

More critical data is being stored in the Microsoft® cloud than ever before, making apps like Office 365®, SharePoint®, and OneDrive® prime targets for business email compromise scams. Secure your clients’ Microsoft cloud environments with ConnectWise Fortify for SaaS Security. Our threat detection and response solution monitors for unusual behavior and distinguishes an attack from legitimate user activity while our 24/7 SOC alerts you of active threats and equips you to respond appropriately.

Feel confident offering an added layer of detection to protect your customers from the critical threats impacting SMBs the most. See ConnectWise Fortify for SaaS Security in action and discover benefits including:



Your active Microsoft accounts are monitored by our 24/7 SOC, using our team's expertise to investigate events and alert you to activities that require your immediate attention.


Better Business Insight

Our Perch-based dashboard gives you a holistic MSP view of insights and activities in your client environments. View information for all clients, a subset of clients, or per client.


Customer Reports

Decision-maker friendly reports can be exported from the platform for specified dates and time.

SOC Response

Our 24/7 SOC team can take immediate action on active threats on your behalf and guide you on how to respond to each incident.