Take your Cybersecurity practice to the next level

Grow your cybersecurity practice with confidence

Cybersecurity presents the greatest opportunity for your MSP to grow, and the greatest challenge to your long-term success, and that of your clients. For newbies, where do you start building your cybersecurity practice? If you are in the midst of your effort, how do you continue growing your cybersecurity practice? Which vendor(s) do you partner with? Who do you need hire? How do you train your team? What tools do you and your clients need? How do you convince your clients they need cybersecurity? What are the ramifications if you or your client do not get serious about cybersecurity?

Building out and continuing to grow your cybersecurity practice can feel overwhelming, but ConnectWise is here to help you through it with the ConnectWise Partner Program for Cybersecurity. Join Jay Ryerse and Len DiCostanzo as they talk through:

  • Why cybersecurity needs to be a priority for you and your clients
  • What you need to think about when launching, building or growing your cybersecurity practice
  • How you can get started quickly building your practice, or taking the next step in your cybersecurity journey
  • Next Level Benefits we provide to help you grow your practice no matter where you are on your cybersecurity practice building journey


Jay Ryerse
Jay Ryerse

VP, Cybersecurity Initiatives

Len DiCostanzo


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