Building Your MSP Security Offerings

Take Control of Risk Management in Your MSP

It can be tough trying to circumnavigate the advances of constantly evolving cybersecurity threats. Businesses are being breached as hackers get more sophisticated—and the market for data is rich. Your customers expect you to protect their networks, but they often don't understand the changing threat landscape.
In our eBook, Building Your MSP Security Offerings, we guide you through best practices to successfully build, sell, and maintain your newest security offerings and discuss in-depth:
  • Who owns the risk—and who's ultimately responsible in the event of a breach.
  • Why it's important to establish your own security policies and procedures first.
  • How using a framework like the NIST Cybersecurity framework can help you develop your offerings.
  • How to price and package your new offerings.
  • How to approach the security conversation with your customers.
  • And more!

Download our eBook to find out more about how you can address and improve your cybersecurity offerings.

Excel in Risk Management