Struggling With That Security Prospect?

Security can be a winning revenue growth strategy for MSPs, but the biggest hurdle to implementing advanced security continues to be customer buy-in. With SMBs cutting non-critical spending, MSPs need to be even more creative to get customers to a better standard of security protection.

How you present a pre-sale assessment can make or break the sale. ConnectWise Fortify for Assessment has always been designed to help MSPs sell security more efficiently. In fact, on average ConnectWise Fortify for Assessment partners grew 3x over the course of nine months. But more can always be done to save time and streamline your efforts.

Coming in Q3, we’ll be rolling out an advanced version of ConnectWise Fortify for Assessment that consolidates dark web, endpoint and user risks, and vulnerabilities into a customer-ready executive summary.

What will be new?

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • 360-degree view through one tool
  • Customer-ready reports that are easy to follow

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