Assess Security Risk for FREE

The first step in minimizing security risk is to clearly recognize areas of vulnerability. For a limited time, ConnectWise is partnering with Sienna Group to offer the Sienna Remote Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool at no cost! MSPs can provide this tool electronically to customers, and then generate risk-level reports and recommendations based on client assessment answers. This process is instrumental in identifying high-risk clients, and a path to creating new revenue opportunities.

Training is offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00am EST.

Watch the Webinar:

Assessing yourself and your customers

Join Arnie Bellini and Sienna Group founder John Ford on December 6 as they discuss the benefits of the Sienna Remote Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool. They’ll guide you through how to implement it in your business and use it with your clients to enhance your Security-as-a-Service offerings.

Protect Yourself with Perch - Threat Detection Built for MSPs

It’s not just your customers under attack—breaches of MSPs are becoming more common. The Perch web-based, multi-tenant application is a community defense platform, designed to show any signs of threat activity found on your monitored networks. With a real-time view of activity always available to you and your customers, Perch analysts work each alert to validate real threats and identify false positives. Perch syncs up nicely with your companies in ConnectWise Manage, creating tickets to document all threats.

Save on Security with IT Nation Connect Show Specials

Take advantage of 15% savings on select security products within the ConnectWise ecosytem during IT Nation Connect.

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*The $2/month per IP address pricing for Perch is while supplies last, the program may be modified or ended by ConnectWise at any time at its sole discretion. The program is intended for MSP’s only and the offer should not be extended to other organizations or clients.

*The Sienna promotion is scheduled to run through March 1st 2019, but may be ended by ConnectWise at any time at its sole discretion. The license program permits users to run assessments on as many clients as needed and permits scans up to 150 endpoints per client.

*Running a vulnerability scan can impact performance of the machine, before running scans it is recommended to seek approval and schedule the scan at appropriate times.