ConnectWise Incident Response On-Demand Service

You are experiencing cyber incident, and you need help now?  

ConnectWise Incident Response On-Demand Service is the answer. If a breach happens to you or a client, our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions, provide advice and recommendations, and take action to protect your business from cyberthreats.  

If you need help now:

Fill out this form, and a ConnectWise representative will reach out to you within the next four (4) hours to engage with a triage session, set expectations, execute a contract with a work authorization form, and onboarding you for ConnectWise Incident Response Service. 

Incident Response On-Demand Service basics: 

  • A contractual agreement guaranteeing a specified hourly rate for an incident that falls outside of existing SOC incident support 
  • Allows incident response activities to begin unhindered; charges are applied after engaging the ConnectWise Incident Response Service team during an event 

Don't have an emergency?

We recommend that you check out our retainer-based option.  When your world goes BOOM with a security incident this option allows you to respond with confidence backed by a world-class team of 160+ analysts armed with advanced tools, analytics, and proven experience. You’ll gain new insights on incident response processes, how attackers operate, and most importantly, how to better defend your clients.

  • Pre-paid for a defined block of hours purchased at a discounted rate 
  • Guarantees the fastest response times under an SLA 
  • Includes an “incident readiness” onboarding process 

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