Fortify Assessment Demo

Examine Client Security Health with ConnectWise Fortify for Assessment
Ransomware and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks against SMBs continue to increase significantly. Yet many SMBs still don’t see themselves as potential targets for these cyberattacks – nor understand why they may be targeted. Cybersecurity needs to be a regular conversation you have with your clients. But according to our recent study, it’s a conversation that only 13% of SMBs are having on a regular basis with their MSP.
ConnectWise Fortify for Assessment allows you to gain insight into SMB client security gaps and provide both customer-facing and technical reports that support security discussions and help create sales opportunities.
With Fortify for Assessment you gain a comprehensive picture of cybersecurity health including:
  • A holistic view of a prospect’s or client’s environment.
  • Results that outline risk scoring based on a technical assessment of endpoint health, user risk, dark web exposure, anti-spam configurations, open vulnerabilities, unpatched systems, and asset discovery.
  • Detailed reports that allow your team to create a detailed action plan—and have an effective pre-sales security conversation so you can sell more efficiently.

Can You Speak Cybersecurity?