Struggling To Engage Your SMB Clients Over Cybersecurity?

Security can be an MSP growth strategy, but a barrier to getting SMBs to implement advanced cybersecurity measures is an awareness and understanding of their own vulnerabilities.
Given cuts in non-critical spending, MSPs need to be effective at highlighting an SMB’s existing cybersecurity gaps and explaining the potential risks to their business. ConnectWise Fortify Assessment was designed to help address this challenge. On average, our Assessment Partners grew 3X over the course of nine months.
Today, a new product named ConnectWise Fortify Assessment – Standard is available to make selling cybersecurity even easier. It makes capturing a 360-degree view of your SMB’s IT environment simple, while providing more extensive data. As an existing Assessment partner, you can have full access to this expanded offering at no additional charge if you sign up by 12-31-2020.
What are some of the new features?
  • Vulnerability scanning and patch analysis
  • More expansive Endpoint Health and User Risk data
  • RMM independent
  • User-friendly SMB-client and partner-centric reports
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