BrightGauge Essentials

Are you an MSP looking for ways to optimize your business data to help you grow? BrightGauge Essentials is a free business analytics solution for small MSP teams using ConnectWise Manage. Essentials includes out-of-the-box KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboards and reports for visibility into the health of your business.

Essentials leverages key metrics that MSP owners, service managers, and service technicians use to run their business to visually represent the performance at a single glance.

Pre-Built Dashboards

Three pre-built dashboards with actionable metrics for owners, service managers, and service technicians. 

Fast, Easy Deployment

Get started with Essentials in 3 easy steps: assign roles, connect to Manage, and share your dashboards.

No Cost to You

Available for free with ConnectWise® Manage.