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In past economic downturns, MSPs saw their revenue drop by an average of 30%. While some didn’t recover from that reduction of cash flow, top MSPs took steps to cut costs to limit or completely avoid any periods of negative net income. You can take those steps too, and we’ll show you how.
Pinpoint your MSP’s financial risk with the Financial Early Warning Score Calculator developed by Paul Dippell and Service Leadership Inc.®, for ConnectWise. Download the calculator to easily determine your MSP’s financial health, recalculate monthly to keep track of your progress, and receive advice on what you can change to ensure the best performance for your company.

Service Leadership is the publisher of the Service Leadership Index®, the solution provider industry’s largest-scale and longest-running, financial and operational benchmark, and of SLIQ™, the exclusive app for improving a solution provider’s Operational Maturity Level™.

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