Security Series: The Cost of Staying the Same

With the threat landscape continually evolving, the way you approach security needs to keep pace. But many service providers feel what’s worked in the past will keep them—and clients—secure in the future. Join ConnectWise Senior Advisor, Arnie Bellini, and Perch Security’s CISO, Wes Spencer, as they discuss how keeping the status quo for your security could cost you just as much as doing nothing at all.

Our Path to Success Spotlight Series:

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Best Practices to Successfully Deliver Security Services


Growing Towards Business Maturity with Step-by-Step Plans for Success

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Aligning Your Business to Capitalize on the Future of As-a-Service

Learn from some of the top experts in their field and get exclusive thought leadership on Security-as-a-Service, business maturity, and as-a-service. Topics highlighted in these series include best practices for offering security, demystifying as-a-service, and operating a business on muscle and feel—and how to move past it.