Sales Incentive Compensation to Optimize Services-Led Revenue & Profit Growth

Of all the levers commanded by the CEOs of services-led solution providers to drive positive change, incentive compensation for sales and executive teams is one of the most powerful. Top performers in this business model use a specific incentive compensation structure, which drives positive behavior and organizational change towards increasing services-led effectiveness.
Join Scott Marshall, Senior Vice President of Marketing at ConnectWise, and Paul Dippell, CEO of Service Leadership, Inc., for this exclusive look at the win/win incentive plans these top performers most often utilize to drive change and performance.

About Paul Dippell, CEO of Service Leadership, Inc.

Paul was a successful leader at three services-led, mid-enterprise solution providers: one growing to $130 million, another to $2 billion, and the third a $400 million turn-around, all three of which had successful exits. Paul founded Service Leadership, Inc. to help other solution provider owners and executives attain similar success. Paul is a noted speaker at partner conferences worldwide, and consults with regional, national, and multi-national, services-led, mid-enterprise solution providers to improve their strategy and performance.

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