Cybersecurity: The Opportunity, the Risk, and the Challenge

SMB managed security spending is expected to top off at $21.2 billion by 2021. With that much invested, customers expect their service providers to handle ‘all things’ security. However, many lack the resources needed to face the challenge head-on.


  • Zach Duke, CEO, Finosec
  • Karl Bickmore, CEO, Snap Tech IT
  • Wes Spencer, Moderator, CISO, Perch
  • Marc Inderhees, Cisco
  • Andrew Morgan, ConnectWise Host

Learn from some of the top experts in their field and get exclusive thought leadership on Security-as-a-Service, business maturity, and as-a-service. Topics highlighted in these series include best practices for offering security, demystifying as-a-service, and operating a business on muscle and feel—and how to move past it.